Jan 7, 2013

Available now: Sakai Spring 2013 Training Registration

Sakai Spring 2013 Training

Who can register?  Spring Sakai workshops are open to Durham Tech  instructors teaching  non-credit and/or credit courses. 

What's expected of you?  Instructors who attend Sakai workshops this Spring are expected to begin using Sakai with one or more Summer and/or Fall 2013 classes. After December, 2013, Blackboard will no longer be used for teaching non-credit and credit courses.  

What class is required? Intro to Sakai (3 hours). Your present required Blackboard training courses can take between 3 - 5 hours.

Are other Sakai workshops available? After you complete the Intro to Sakai workshop, you can register and attend any of the following optional workshops, in any order:
  • Sakai Gradebook (2 hours)
  • Sakai Lessons: A tool to organize course content (2 hours)
  • Sakai Tests & Quizzes (2 hours)
How are the classes taught? Sakai workshops will be taught face-to-face. We're working hard to have online Sakai training available Summer, 2013.

How do you register? http://courses.durhamtech.edu/training/

---Don't miss out-last semester our Sakai Training sessions had waiting lists.

Need more information about Sakai Training?
Check out our new Sakai Training wiki web page

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