Nov 30, 2012

Durham Tech is using the latest version of Sakai!

You may not be aware of this, but Durham Tech has been a pioneer this Fall. 
Other than Rutgers, Durham Tech has been one of the few colleges that has already been using the latest version of Sakai. Sakai 2.9.0 wasn't officially made available until November, 2012. 
What are some of the features we are already using?
  • New Lessons tool: We are using a new tool to structure our course content
  • New for Forums: We can require students to post before they can read existing posts*
  • New for Tests & Quizzes: We can set scores for students with unsubmitted tests*
  • New for the Gradebook: We can drop highest, drop lowest, and keep highest grades*
Want to know how to use these tools and more? Be sure you check out the recently updated Sakai Resources for Instructors
*This information was gathered from the Sakai Project CLE Release web page, which lists over twelve changes available with Sakai version 2.9.0.