Oct 19, 2012

Over 100 Durham Tech faculty completed Intro to Sakai Workshops!

In the last two months, over one hundred credit faculty members (full-time and part-time) have completed the Intro to Sakai Workshop. Almost all of the faculty plan to teach one credit course this Spring 2013. A few faculty said they will teach all of their credit courses using Sakai this Spring! 

Missed the Durham Tech Intro to Sakai Workshops? We have the Intro to Sakai Workshop hand-out available at our Help for Instructors wiki. Plus, we'll offer the face-to-face classes again this Spring 2013 and hope to have an online workshop available as soon as we can.

Are other Sakai workshops available? After you complete the Intro to Sakai workshop, you can register and attend any of the following optional workshops, in any order:
  • Sakai Gradebook (2 hours)
  • Sakai Lessons (2 hours)
  • Sakai Tests & Quizzes (2 hours)
How do you register? http://courses.durhamtech.edu/training/

We have a few spots available, and waiting lists are tracked.

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