Sep 14, 2012

12 Awesome EdTechTools for 2012-2013

Free Technology for Teachers created by Richard Byrne

"A primer on some of the best free tech tools for teachers." 

What are the twelve awesome educational tech tools displayed in the slideshow below?
  • Video Clean-up, Downloading and Editing: 
    • A Cleaner Internet, KeepVid, WeVideo
  •  Collaboration:
    • Voicethread: Online slideshow with student commentary
    • Wallwisher: Collaborative online corkboard
    • TodaysMeet: Class Chat Rooms
  • Share Class Materials:
    • Dropbox: Cloud file storage and file sharing
    • Edublogs: Classroom blogs
    • Weebly for Education: Classroom web sites

  Plus, mentions the "old" standbys: Google, Evernote and Jing. 

Also available by a link to Scribd: 12 Awesome EdTech Tools for 2012-2013

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