Jun 11, 2012

Sakai Conference: Introduction to Sakai for Faculty

Stella Erbes and Hong Kha of Pepperdine University did an excellent job presenting both the faculty and administrator view of Sakai. What were the most popular questions they were asked by their faculty, when they adopted Sakai?
  • Where does Sakai come from? Sakai was funded by the Mellon Foundation and created in February 2004 by Indiana University, MIT, Stanford University, and the University of Michigan
  • What does Sakai mean? Rumor has it, that the name comes from, no one other than Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai 
  • How do you say Sakai? Sa (as in sau-te) and Kai as in (o-Ka)
  • What makes Sakai better than what we have? It combines the opportunity for community, with ease of use, lots of classroom management tools, excellent cost benefits, and less LMS administration and management (as they chose a vendor, the same as ours, Longsight).
  • What does Sakai look like? It looks quite a bit like Blackboard, but is "clean" and efficient:

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