Jun 12, 2012

Sakai Assignment BOF (Birds of a Feather)

The Sakai Assignment team were revved up about getting our ideas about what we want in the Assignment and/or Assignment2 tools. Since Assignment2 is officially supported by TurnItIn, we don't need to decide which one to use, we're going to be using Assignment2 (which probably will be called Assignment or Assignments when we use it at Durham Tech)
What can you do with the assignment tool? Of course post grades and comments, but also post model answers, add a reminder to Announcements and/or the Schedule (Calendar), and have "version" control available. What's ahead? Refining group grading.

What does an Assignment look like? Here's a sample from Longsight's trysakai.longsight.com (it's free), also, click on an image to see a larger screen shot:

Add assignment part 1 to sakai
First part of Adding an Assignment

Add assignment part 2 to sakai
Second part of Adding an Assignment
Add assignment part 3 to sakai
Third and final part of Adding an Assignment
Lots of new things you can do with Sakai assignments!