Jun 18, 2012

Sakai 2012 conference thoughts

The seven of us returned safely from the Sakai conference in Atlanta Thursday afternoon. We attended many sessions and collected a lot of info! This was my second Sakai conference (Karen, Charlene, and I attended the conference in Denver 2010). I saw familiar faces in Atlanta and made new connections. I also felt the same excitement and buzz about Sakai that I remember from Denver.

I'm still in awe that by choosing Sakai as our LMS Durham Tech is in the company of universities like: Michigan; Indiana; Stanford; Rutgers; Cambridge; Duke; Wake Forest; and UNC, just to name a few. Even though our institutions are located all over the world and vary in size, we all have Sakai in common. Part of what makes Sakai great is that it is a community. The community welcomes everyone and each member has the opportunity to contribute at any level. Whether it be a simple idea or suggestion, development of a new tool, or providing funding, contributions small and large are welcome in this community. Recognizing that each member of the community has a different perspective and something to offer is key in fitting the Sakai puzzle pieces together.

Alphabet soup. One thing that I learned at the conference is that there are A LOT of acronyms! What is CLE? OAE? LMF? I'm creating a cheat sheet to keep them all straight.