Jun 13, 2012

The path ahead

As the technical guy attending the Jasig/ Sakai 2012 conference I've noted a couple of things. The first is the sessions I'm attending would be great reading for you if you were having trouble sleeping. Learning about CAS, SIS integration, using the community JIRA system, and checking out code to build Sakai systems is not what holds most people's attention and kind of hard to write in a blog post that anyone would want to read.
The second is that I'm usually the kind of guy who can keep up with that sort of technical discussion pretty easily.  I must admit that the information coming at me is challenging to understand and there is a lot of it. It is a bit disconcerting! The good news is that the community we are joining by adopting Saki as our new LMS is welcoming to people of all levels and are truly excited to help, listen and offer advice.
I know the next year of transition will bring a lot of different things: hard work figuring out how this new system works, connecting it to Colleague and the new directory service, training faculty and transitioning courses from Blackboard to Sakai. 
It seems like a daunting task but it is also an exciting opportunity to bring new efficiencies for online and hybrid courses. Some of the changes coming include courses that are automatically created, course rosters automatically updated when students add and drop, and the opportunity to use new tools for your courses. 
I've found that I'm feeling more at ease after each new session I attend and after talking with the people of the Sakai community that I have met here in Atlanta. I can't help but make the connection to the upcoming transition ahead. As disconcerting as it may seem now, as we move down the transition timeline I think you will find yourself feeling more comfortable as you learn Sakai.