Jun 18, 2012


Now that I have had a few days of rest from the Jasig Sakai conference I am ready to share a little of what I learned.  It was an awesome conference with everyone willing to share what they know and help us out in anyway they can.

I know the title of this post is another acronym!  Trust me, after a few days at the Jasig Sakai conference the last thing I want to post about is an acronym.  It stands for open educational resources.  The basic idea, according to the speaker Ronda Neugebauer @rondaneugebauer , is to have shareable and re-usable resources for teaching, learning, research, and more.  These resources would be available for free or low cost through  Flatworld Knowledge and/or Boundless.  Full credit is given to the author through open licenses, like Creative Commons. Below is the her Prezi presentation.