Jun 11, 2012

Jasig/Sakai Conference Day 1

We started the day with an opening session and were shown several demonstrations on new initiatives! Looking to the future is exciting.

The next session I attended was Orienting Students to Online Learning Using Sakai. We are ahead of the game on this topic since we require our online courses to have an orientation. In Sakai, we could create a module for students to learn about the common tools used in Sakai. Also, it is important for instructors to make sure students complete the orientation requirements.

I attended the Duke's eLearning Roadmap and the Sakai Transition. Duke has made the transition from Blackboard to Sakai in a year. They began the process in Fall 2011 with a small group. They opened Sakai to all users in Spring 2012. Duke taught about half of their courses (860) on Sakai during the spring. All instructors will be using Sakai in the fall. We liked the idea they posted a countdown clock to let everyone know when Blackboard would be gone.

The last session I attended was Enhancing Online Collaboration in Distance Courses. This session focused on ways to encourage collaboration.