May 29, 2012

Tips from new Duke Sakai instructors

At an April 27, 2012 Duke CIT (Center for Instructional Technology) Showcase, Duke instructors discussed what it was like to transition from Blackboard to Sakai. Duke instructors highlighted what it was like to convert, update, and teach with Sakai, and provided tips for new instructors.

If you'd like to hear what the new Sakai instructors had to say, after clicking on the link for their session title, What do Duke faculty teach with Sakai? scroll past the session description to click on the recorded session.

CIT (Center for Instructional Technology) Showcase logo
Duke CIT Showcase

If you'd like information about other Duke CIT Showcase sessions, check out their schedule. Some of the session descriptions include a recorded video, such as a video discussion of Duke students talking about how they blog for Duke and how Duke students use social media. In another session, instructors shared what it was like to teach with students using iPads.