May 24, 2012

Durham Tech's Sakai Vendor: Longsight!

Our President Dr. Ingram recently announced that Durham Tech will be moving to Sakai, an open source Learning Management System. We'll join colleges, universities, non-profits, and corporations world-wide who have also adopted Sakai.

More News! Now the bid for the Sakai vendor can be announced as well: Longsight will provide the administrative training and support we need for a smooth transition from Blackboard to Sakai.

Longsight logo, with their motto "building open source solutions together"
Longsight vendor for Sakai

Longsight has been working with Higher Educational Learning Management Systems since 2001. They have over fifty clients listed on their web site, including Duke University. Two of their key employees are on the open source Sakai Maintenance Team. This year, one of Longsight's found partners, Sam Ottenhoff, was named a Sakai Fellow, in recognition for his contributions to the Sakai open source project.