Jun 26, 2018

Meetings/BBB New Feature: Meeting Statistics and Student Participation Data!

Meetings Statistics Now Available 

Meetings (BigBlueButton), our open-source web conferencing tool, now tracks your student's participation and polling results, when you record your meeting. In the Sakai Meetings tool, in the Recordings tab, each recording will now display a link to Statistics, as shown below: 

Meetings Recordings tab, now displays Statistics link for recordings

In Meetings recordings, the amount of student "attention" is tracked for each student, divided into five categories:

  • Speaking, chatting/messaging, using an emoji, raising a hand and responses to polls.

Overall Meeting Statistics

In the Statistics link, you'll see an overview of the meeting; an aggregated number of student "attention" activities and polling responses; plus links to individual student participation data:

Overall Meeting statistics are available, for aggregated student attention and polling participation

Student Participation Data

In Statistics, when you click on the name of a student, you'll see an overview of their participation (duration in the meeting, join and left times), their "activity events", and their answers to every poll question you presented in the meeting. Some of the student participation data is shown below:

Individual student participation data is available

Video Overview of the new Meetings Statistics feature

Here is a video, demonstrating the Meetings Statistics feature, that is now available for your recorded meetings:


Feb 12, 2018

In Sakai Gradebooks: Don't Students *always* see their Course Grade? NO!

Did you know that Sakai Gradebooks don't show your students their course grade, unless you make a change to the Gradebook settings? You can see them, but they can't. After a few weeks, your students may start asking you if they can see their course grade, instead of just their assignment scores. It's an easy task!

To display course grades to your students in the New Gradebook:

  • At the top, click on Settings
  • Click on Grade Release Rules
  • Add a check beside Display final course grade to students and
    • Add a check beside Letter grade and Percentage OR
    • Add a check beside Points
  • At the bottom, click Save Changes
In Gradebook settings, click Grade Release Rules, then click Display final course grade to students, then click letter grade/percentage or points

To display course grades to your students in the Classic Gradebook:

  • At top, click on the Course Grade Options tab
    • Add a check beside Display course grades to student now OR
    • Add a check beside Display course points to students now
  • At the bottom, click Save

What is the best way to see the Gradebook like your student does?

For the new Gradebook

In the Classic Gradebook:

  • At the top of the Gradebook, click on the All Grades tab 
  • Click on a student name
  • At the middle right, below the help button, click on Student Name’s view of grades
  • On the top right, click on the link Return to Instructor’s View of Grades for Student Name
  • At top, click on the Gradebook items tab to return to the Gradebook view


Jan 29, 2018

What Sakai tool can you use to track student activity? Statistics!

You can use the Statistics tool, which is added to every Sakai course, to find out when your students are active in your course, and what they are doing. Previously, you could view student activity with the User Activity tool provided by our vendor; now you have Statistics! 

With the Statistics tool, you can run "reports" based on date ranges, for all or specific students, that lists your student's activities, such as posting/replying in Forums, submitting an Assignment or submitting a Test. See the example Statistics report below:

How do you create a Statistics report?

  1. On your course menu, click on Statistics 
  2. At the top, click on the REPORTS tab
  3. Click on the "Add" link, to create a new Report (you can save Reports, too)
  4. If you're going to save your report, you can add a title, otherwise, skip the title and description
  5. You can skip the "What?" section; usually you want to track all of the tools your students use
  6. In the "When?" section, select your report date range:
    • The default is for the last 7 days
    • Or you can select the last "30 days", or last "365 days"
    • If you want to pick a specific date range, select "custom", then choose your start and end date and times
  7. In the "Who?" section, select which student's activity you want to track:
    • The default is "All" students
    • Or you can select "custom" and click on a student's name/userid; to select more than one student, click on the CTRL button on your keyboard and continue selecting students
  8.  In the "How?" section, click on the CTRL button on your keyboard, to also select Tool, along with User, Event and Date.
  9. At the bottom, click on the "Generate report" button 
  10. You can click on the Date then Userid column headings, to sort the results by date, then by student id/name. Click on Export at the bottom the report to save the results.


Sakai 11 User Guide: Statistics

Jan 24, 2018

Spring 2018 Instructional Technology Workshops

We've providing training workshops and materials this semester that will help you with your learning and teaching!

Instructional Technology Workshops (and TLC's)

Microsoft is retiring Office Mix effective May 1, 2018

Office Mix Preview logo

  • Part 1: If you presently use Office Mix, please attend either the February or March TLC session "Office Mix is Nixed! What Next?", to get an overview of the upcoming changes.

  • Part 2: You can also register for one of the March or April Instructional Technology Workshops Office Mix Transition for Current Users: Hands-on Session to find out how to move your published Office Mixes to a new platform. 
edpuzzle logo

Do you assign online videos for your students to watch?

If you want to track what your students are watching or ask questions while students are watching a video, register for the Add Interactivity to Videos with Edpuzzle workshop.

Digital Accessibility and TLC Workshops 

human-like figure with outstreched hands and arms
By GNOME icon artists (HTTP / FTP)
[CC BY-SA 3.0 or LGPL], via Wikimedia Commons
  • Need to make your Word or PowerPoint presentations accessible? Register for one of the Spring Digital Accessibility workshops.
  • Find out what you can do next, after you've taken the Digital Accessibility Workshops: Attend the "Accessibility, How Do I Do That Again?" workshop at the TLC Conference on Tuesday, March 6, in the 2 - 3 pm session, presented by Amy Netzel, our Instructional Designer/Web Accessibility Specialist. 

Jan 11, 2018

Free Presentations Available: from 2017 NC3ADL (Distance Learning) Conference

If you missed the 2017 North Carolina Community College Distance Learning (NC3ADL) Conference held October 15-17 in Cary, NC, titled "Lights! Camera! Action! Remake Distance Learning" you can still check out many of the presentations (many presenters uploaded their presentation materials).
On a movie board: NC3ADL Lights! Camera! Action! Remake Distance Learning. Starring You; conference dates and web site nc3adl.org

What were some of the conference topics?

Over 200 participants could attend sessions in tracks such as Accessibility, Course Design/Delivery, Gamification, Math/Science, Open Educational Resources, Personalized Learning, Quality, Student Success, and Tools. 

What are some of the workshops presented at the NC3ADL conference?

You can click on any of the session links listed below, scroll past the Session title and session description, and below the Presenters names, you can click on the uploaded presentation file to download and view it.    

FYI: If you want to check out other workshop presentations, to see if they contain presentation files, you can go to https://nc3adl2017.sched.com/ 
  • Click on the title of a session and look for your presentation file!

Upcoming Conferences/Workshops  

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