Jul 24, 2014

Four Steps for Setting up your Fall Sakai courses

Sakai Logo
Sakai logo by Sakai Foundation (CC by 3.0)

1) You're trained-where's your course? 

After you logon to Sakai, click on More Sites, scroll down to the 2014FA category, then click on your course site links. Otherwise, find out what you can do in the Sakai Instructor Resources, in the Sakai Procedures area.

2) How do you copy your course? 

Follow the import/copy Sakai content instructions. 

Note: After the first two steps, be sure you also review the table that describes what you need to do to update each tool before your course starts.

3) How do you update your Home page (add instructor info), Add/Edit Tools, and customize your course menu?

Prefer videos? Sakai videos are available for both instructors and students.

4) Before classes start: 

  • Teaching Online? Let us know if you're offering a face-to-face and/or online orientation; you should have received an email with instructions.
  • Email your students with their course orientation details

Jul 11, 2014

Nov 7th: Sakai Virtual Conference 2014: "Bridging Education with Technology"

Mark your calendars for the first ever online Sakai Virtual Conference, with a focus on teaching, learning, sharing, best practices, and community building. This is a faculty-friendly event. Plus, no need to travel-the whole day's workshops will be online.
Sakai logo by Sakai Foundation (CC by 3.0)

The Sakai Virtual Conference web site already has information about:
  • Proposals: Submit now. Due by August 22. 
  • Six Conference Tracks: Faculty Course Showcase, Instructional Design/Support, Effective or Innovative Practice, Birds of a Feather, Student Experience Lightning Talks, and a Technical Session (listed on the Proposals web page with descriptions) 
  • Registration: Starts August 1
  • Updated Cost: $50. If you are a presenter: $25.  
  • Schedule: Tentative list is provided
  • Sponsors: Longsight, Asahi Net, Unicon

Save the Date! November 7th, 2014 for: 
Sakai Virtual Conference 2014 "Bridging Education with Technology"

"See" you there!

Jun 18, 2014

Want a Badge? Play "games" to prove your Sakai know-how

Longsight, a Sakai vendor, has set up a Sakai Badging course as a "game" for Sakai instructors, trainers, and administrators to "play", to demonstrate their knowledge of Sakai. If you successfully complete self-paced questions or challenges, you'll get a Sakai badge. What kind of badge? A digital badge, via Credly
openbadges by Anyashy  CC BY-SA 3.0

What are digital badges? Just like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts get badges for demonstrating skills, digital badges are an online symbol of knowledge/skills you possess.Your badges will be available from Credly, which offers an online location where you can store and share your badges. 

What can you do with your Sakai badge? According to the Sakai Badging course: "After you earn a Sakai badge, you can display it to others in a personal Badge Backpack or via social networks, such as LinkedIn or Facebook."
What do you have to know to get a Sakai badge? According to the Sakai Badging course:
  • Instructors have to have a working knowledge of major Sakai tools and tasks.
  • Trainers have to have an advanced knowledge of Sakai tools, workshop planning and presentation skills.
  • Administrators have to have an advanced knowledge of Sakai tools, and behind the scenes system administration skills.
How will your Sakai skills be assessed?
  • Randomized multiple choice questions for some criteria and
  • Individualized assignments 
What if you already have badges?  According to Credly FAQ's: You can share your Credly badges via the Mozilla Open Badge project, which offers a free online badge "Backpack", where you can store your digital badges from different issuers. Plus you can import your badges from other locations to Credly.
Interested? Register now: http://www.longsight.com/sakai-badging

Durham Tech Sakai Instructor Resources: Sakai Tools 

May 19, 2014

Register now for *new* June workshops and work sessions!

Durham Tech's Instructional Technologies staff will host work sessions and new workshops this summer.
tech tools
What is a work session? It's a chance for you to bring your materials, work on your Sakai sites, get help (if needed), and ask questions. Register now for a June work session 

Who can attend? Work sessions are open to those who have completed the Intro to Sakai workshop.
What aren't the work sessions? These are not instructor-led training workshops, but a time for you to work on your courses with helpers nearby. 

What if I haven't completed the online Intro to Sakai workshop? Register now for the workshop 

Will there be additional workshops available? Register now for the following three June workshops (space is limited):

  • Narrating PowerPoints with myBrainshark
  • Sakai Meetings (web-conferencing)
  • Record videos with YouTube's MyWebcam Tool 

Will there be an online version of the Gradebook (and Discussion Forums), Lessons (and Assignments), and Test and Quizzes workshops? Yes. We're working on it now. Check our Sakai blog or our Sakai Training web page for updates.

Want to get started now? Check out these workshop handouts:
Gradebook (and Forums), Lessons (and Assignments) and Test and Quizzes workshop handouts 

May 5, 2014

Favorite Tech Tools: How to use the Snipping Tool, Jing, myBrainshark and YouTube MyWebcam

At our May 2014 6th annual Favorite Tech Tools workshop, our focus this year was on audio-visual tools. We pointed out why and how instructors use these primarily free tools, and demonstrated how to create and add the media to your Sakai courses:


  • Windows 7 Snipping tool: Quickly create screen shots or pictures of what is on your desktop
  • myBrainshark: Easily add voice narration to each slide and interactivity to PowerPoints 
  • YouTube MyWebcam: Create a short "selfie" video to introduce yourself or course lessons
  • Jing: Create a 5 minute or less screencast or video of actions that occur on your desktop, such as a video tour of your course site to orient students or create screenshots.
 Snagit: For $30, add lots of annotations to your pictures and create videos of any length.
All of the tools are loaded in Tech 952 and we have webcams you can borrow for short periods of time.